Fall is here

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Pumpkin Spice Latte. That's the first thing that comes into people's minds when they heard the word "FALL SEASON".

I grew up in a country where Fall seasons don't exist. The Philippines has only two seasons, HOT and RAINY. Half of the year is Hot Humid and the monsoon season starts in early June. You can only imagine my amusement when I moved here to the United States.

Winter is my favorite season. Fall comes next. But what comes into my mind when the first day of Fall arrives? I live in Vegas and right this moment, it is still 96 degrees outside so wearing a sweater or jacket is a death sentence. Not really, if you're insisting to have a cute outfit. You can always choose to wear a light jacket. Jackets are cute.

So this is how I dress myself during early fall. Vegas Edition

I always love to mix and match. It depends on my mood and the occasion. The dress I'm wearing is size XS. The color is Dark Caramel. Now if you're part of The Itty Bitty Titty Committee like me, you will be needing a push-up bra because the breast part is kind of loose. I'm also wearing Adidas Sneakers. I ordered size 5 knowing that it will be big on me. I normally wear sizes 3-4. Depends on the brand. The fit was still okay on my feet. Throw a Yankee's hat and you're all set.

This dress is available on Amazon and has different colors and sizes.

I always love the idea of green on my outfit. Something about it makes your fit popping. I got this top from Amazon as size XS. It fits perfectly and has no drama at all. My skirt is from Zara. I'm wearing a size XS but as of the moment, it is out of stock. But I can link another textured skort and much affordable from Amazon.

My boots are from Topshop. I am wearing a size 5. The boots are kind of big on my feet but if I will wearing socks, I will be fine. That boot is also out of stock. Please check my Shop Page for alternatives. Don't forget to throw in a gold necklace for a classy look.

This camisole is available on Amazon in different colors and sizes

Okay, so this jacket that I'm wearing is not your typical NASCAR thick jacket. They are fashion jackets so this is wearable if you will go to the mall or watch movies with your friends. They are just extremely fashionable if you're into street style. Amazon has different sizes and prints of this super cute bomber jacket. I'm wearing a size Small and the fit is perfect. You would want a loose fit to achieve the street-style look.

This LBD is also from Amazon. I'm wearing a size XS.

This Bomber Jacket is available on Amazon

I bought this jumpsuit last summer but never had a chance to wear it. This is a double-layered romper. The material is polyester so it's not thick. I ordered size Small and it is quite baggy on me especially on the arms. I am 5 ft so it is kind of long on me. But I think the length is just what I wanted especially if I want to use this more often this fall.

The boots I'm wearing are from Topshop. As I've said, these boots are out of stock. My headband is from a local store here in Vegas. But I also link a similar item on my Shop Page.

This romper is available on Amazon in different colors and sizes

So what comes into my mind on the first day of Fall? FASHION. Please check my Shop Page for the complete fits.

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